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 July 25, 2020
  21:09 PM
I've ordered USPS free Priority shipping supplies 5 different times in the past month and none have shipped. When I look at the status it says 'order complete', but not 'order shipped'. Has anyone else had problems getting Priority boxes & envelopes?

Reported By: That Guy
Are you experiencing this issue?
rstpete Verified
July 27, 2020
  08:09 AM
LONG delays but I've always gotten what I ordered eventually.

cvsharkey Verified
July 27, 2020
  06:16 AM
Not yet, but there's always a first time. They are delayed. But I try to order way in advance.

MichaelP Verified
July 27, 2020
  01:09 AM
I have lots of problems with USPS supplies shipping late or not at all. They are a hot mess.

angryllama Verified
July 27, 2020
  00:16 AM
I think I benefit from living in Houston, TX as my USPS supplies have ALWAYS come quickly. Just last week I ordered 30 Priority padded mailers and they were on my front porch 2 days later. Same deal on past 2 mixed product orders in June July.

AgendaSwallowsAll Verified
July 27, 2020
  22:28 PM
No issues to date but based on what else has gone on as of late with the USPS, I can see possible issues in my future.

ebayout Verified
July 26, 2020
  11:51 AM
I actually received 2 separate shipments last week that were ordered about 3 weeks ago.