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 June 19, 2020
  18:45 PM
One of our buyers from a country that our account settings permit was blocked!

We found out the reason - our accounts were enrolled into Global Shipping program without our knowledge or permission. GSP blocks that country.

eBay CSR had no clue why.

Reported By: etailer
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angryllama Verified
June 20, 2020
  01:41 AM
Quick as a Bunny you need to click into your accounts PREFERENCES page, FIND the line about GLOBAL SHIPPING PROGRAM and turn it back OFF yourself. Then Then tell that buyer to go ahead and TRY to buy. Ebay does BS like this just because it's Tuesday

etailer Verified
June 20, 2020
  16:52 PM
@angryllama: We (w/CSR online) turned off GSP- no explanation why it was turned on. When we tried to reapply our Site Settings "Exclude Shipping Locations", it  still does not work! These settings have been applied on multiple stores/eBay site wide.