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 March 18, 2020
  21:39 PM
Can not send invoices through ebay. Keep getting "ERROR - There is some technical error, please try after sometime."  Customer phone support is closed due to pandemic so can't find out what is going on.

Reported By: bb6
Are you experiencing this issue?
Carl Verified
March 19, 2020
  13:00 PM
"please try after sometime" That doesn't sound correct Grammar for eBay to use? Did you click a link to get to the sale page? Was it the eBay URL at the top of the page? Sounds like text from some spam page

Volvo351 Verified
March 22, 2020
  07:29 AM
Wish I had a SALE that I needed to invoice to check that out, but eBay sell-thru is now even WORSE than what they call "normal" ie. hiss-poor!

okie1304 Verified
March 23, 2020
  11:07 AM
I had trouble combining invoices, buyers messaged that they purchased multiple items, yet Ebay only showed me one item purchased.