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 January 14, 2020
  10:30 AM
'There are eyes on your item! Go for the sale.' email tells you 'Current Price [Blank] - ‌Lower the Price'. Did they decide not to let you know what the Current Price is? They should make a South Park episode about eBay and  their Glitch-Gnomes!!!

Reported By: Don Wagner
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ebayisscrewed Verified
January 14, 2020
  16:57 PM
This goes hand and hand with buyers not being able to accept the offers we are sending as well. 

Volvo351 Verified
January 15, 2020
  09:56 AM
Of COURSE they want you to "lower the price." Devil Wingnut has ZERO skin in the game; in fact it's far worse as he makes money even if you sell at a dead loss. Is it any wonder that San Jose encourages a vicious Race to the Bottom?