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 November 28, 2019
  11:29 AM
3rd time this month !!! Hit again with a sale for an item that was sold. THE EBAY AUTO RELIST monster has struck again. Going on 2 years and they still can't fix this glitch :(

Reported By: sickandtired
Are you experiencing this issue?
Bad Hair Day Verified
November 29, 2019
  09:35 AM
I had one last week! Had to cancel the sale.A buyer with only 3 feedbacks. I'm sure the customer was impressed with the site?

CanBrit Verified
November 29, 2019
  09:58 AM
Yes, last week the same thing. Weird though, I only sold it a month ago.

eastwestphoto Verified
December 02, 2019
  08:01 AM
yes, sold item was relisted by ebay again automatically, had to refund money!

SharonY. Verified
December 02, 2019
  08:57 AM
I have had this happen about 4 times so far.  It happened again in November with an item I had sold 2 weeks prior.  The buyer then went and gave me a negative but E-Bay removed it.  E-Bay is making too many mistakes.

Mamak Verified
December 02, 2019
  10:44 AM
Had about 3 recently.  Very stressful when you have to apologize to your buyer and pray they don't hurt your feedback. 

geoffreymason Verified
December 02, 2019
  15:26 PM
This has been happening about once a month for the past year. Happened on Dec 1 and again on Dec 2! Getting worse.

sunnieyes Verified
December 13, 2019
  15:36 PM
I'm having the s