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 November 16, 2019
  15:20 PM
Customer emailed saying her invoice had 6.5% tax on it when her county and state tax is only 6%. When is someone going to shut these crooks down? I can't even adjust the invoice, just offer her a credit. IDIOTS IDIOTS IDIOTS. I cant take it anymore

Reported By: CanBrit
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rstpete Verified
November 17, 2019
  14:22 PM
I am seeing this as well.  Had one yesterday that should have had 5.75% tax, ebay charged 10%. Customer is furious - AT ME!  And I am paying fees on the jacked up shipping too!!!

thehosst Verified
November 18, 2019
  04:08 AM
Of course! Can someone tell me how many thousands of issues like this one do you see every year? eBay outsourced team, always making sure THEY have a job, "fixing" issues - they create

The End Verified
November 20, 2019
  02:06 AM
SIMPLE : Just send her a POSTAL MONEY ORDER for the partial refund. Put it in the box with the item. TA - DA ! ! ! People prefer that..... And you have the paper trail for your taxes.