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 November 05, 2019
  09:38 AM
Ebay's sales tax collection kicked in at midnight.  Its going to add another level of accounting to separate the taxes from the sellers income and yes, we will be paying fees on that money we never touch. Can't wait to see the 1099 this year.

Reported By: rstpete
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lessthanthreerecords Verified
November 06, 2019
  10:20 AM
To add to this problem, I'm trying to raise prices to account for it, and can't do a bulk edit because of the new item specifics requirements. Some specifics are required but don't apply to my items. eBay will not respond to social media messages!

rstpete Verified
November 06, 2019
  15:57 PM
The sad part is you raise prices to cover the added fees and ebay just makes more money. 

thievesBay Verified
November 06, 2019
  16:47 PM
@rstpete eBay doesn't make money, they TAKE IT. eBay leeches money off all it's users while owning nothing.