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 October 09, 2019
  20:14 PM
When you click on “see seller’s other items” and opt to see 50, 100 or 200 items per page, when you try to go to the second page (items 201 to 400 for example), it defaults back to 25 items per page.  This applies both when you click on the page number or the arrow symbol.  So basically if you want to page through a seller’s items, you can only go 25 at a time after the first page.  This makes it difficult and confusing to buyers who are trying to browse a seller’s items.

Reported By: AlwaysHere
Are you experiencing this issue?
grumpwell Verified
October 09, 2019
  21:31 PM
I have been having the opposite problem for about 3 weeks now. I try to look at 25 items per page and now after the first page of 25, all the next pages have 200.

Bill Verified
October 10, 2019
  01:53 AM
The eBay site is full of glitches. Devil Wingnut put a curse on eBay!

AlwaysHere Verified
October 10, 2019
  20:02 PM
I have also just experienced grumpwell's problem.

moonmyst Verified
October 14, 2019
  11:41 AM
This has been happening for a long time now. If we reported every little glitch we have with eBay, no one would get any work done!