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 September 20, 2019
  09:51 AM
error when trying to generate shipping labels

Reported By: horsewhistles
Are you experiencing this issue?
Shanna Verified
September 20, 2019
  10:41 AM
Cannot print labels on ebay this morning. Can't wait until they control my money!

That Guy Verified
September 20, 2019
  10:59 AM
I tried to print a batch of nine labels. eBay took my money, gave me tracking numbers, but gave me NO LABELS. I bought $78 worth of "error" this morning. Thanks eBay!

wellspring Verified
September 20, 2019
  11:10 AM
9/20/19 11:10 AM - ebay labels NOT working! Cannot print anything! What?????

scaryguy Verified
September 20, 2019
  12:13 PM
Getting "errors" and "warnings" and unable to print labels. But ebay didnt waste any time telling me my shipments are overdue!

ElectronixRecyclers Verified
September 20, 2019
  15:42 PM
I was able to print labels around 1:00 p.m. Central.

Lightning Verified
September 21, 2019
  13:16 PM
Always have 2 or more ways set up to print labels - eBay, PayPal, Pirate Ship, Stamps.com, etc.  Even if you don't need to, use your backup methods now and then to make sure they are always ready, like a fire drill.  Update the software, etc.