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 August 30, 2019
  16:12 PM
Ebay changed a bunch of my long running listings from USPS Priority Mail 1-2 lbs to 1st class mail 3 oz. Changed them back to Priority, now ebay is quoting SUPER HIGH shipping.

Reported By: rstpete
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Volvo351 Verified
August 30, 2019
  20:58 PM
Sure, they're setting shipping high so they can collect a totally BOGUS "Final Value Fee" on it!

angryllama Verified
September 02, 2019
  05:07 AM
Yes, eBay IS VENAL and GREEDY, but for them to have INTENTIONALLY jammed sharply higher $$ shipping on rstpete personally would not fit the plan. Too $$high$$ shipping only Hinder ANY sales by his/her account. Revenge MAYBE?