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 August 19, 2019
  12:33 PM
Anyone noticed ebay/Paypal shipping is wrong?  When I tried to use paypal rate it said $47.06 to ship 5.9lb usps priority ny to ca.  on my Stamps.com it is only 23.81!  I have noticed this on many of my packages lately.  Why are paypal rates so high?

Reported By: lstreeter
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thievesBay Verified
August 20, 2019
  15:01 PM
If the buyer got charged the eBay/PayPal rates that means they (eBay) are overcharging shipping which means they and PayPal get more fees. This is a known problem as well as sales tax overcharging. Probably on purpose. Stamps.com rates are correct.

angryllama Verified
August 20, 2019
  16:25 PM
I have NOT. repeat NOT seen anything at ALL like what you are reporting. You DO KNOW that Priority is Both WEIGHT/Distance zoned AND Dimensional Weight charged if beyond zone 5, right? You must enter the dimensions to the next FULL inch L x W x H .

Lightning Verified
August 21, 2019
  03:38 AM
angryllama is likely correct - something involving dimensional rates.  I would suggest you check the actual dimensions showing on your eBay listing.  If the L x W x D measurements go over 1728 cubic inches, you are in the penalty zone.