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 August 16, 2019
  09:39 AM
eBay "send offer" function speaks w/ forked tongue! feeBay says the item has two "watchers" but after I "send offer" it says "your offer has been sent to 1 [sic] interested buyer."  Well, which is it? Are there 2 watchers, or only one?

Reported By: Volvo351
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thievesBay Verified
August 16, 2019
  18:18 PM
Either it's yet another "glitch" as eBay would say, or it could be an eBay bot added as a watcher. Many item views these days are also bots. eBay heard all the complaints about declining views and sales, so their solution is adding fake bot views!

227272 Verified
August 17, 2019
  06:40 AM
If a buyer has opted out of receiving promotional offers from eBay, they will not be eligible to receive your offer.

Lightning Verified
August 17, 2019
  15:16 PM
227272 is exactly right.  Not all watchers are interested in getting offers, so will opt out.  That's why you might see "42 items have Watchers, 25 eligible for offers".

smallstuff Verified
August 19, 2019
  00:44 AM
It appears that new offers only go to watchers who have not previously been sent an offer on the item.  When I do a new listing, I notice that all the watchers receive the offer (unless they opted out).  Over time only new watchers receive them.

Volvo351 Verified
August 28, 2019
  20:51 PM
Well, some good info here, but still doesn't address the ORIGINAL issue. If some "watchers" have "opted out" shouldn't the app know about that UP FRONT? IOW if one of two watchers doesn't want an offer, then tell me the offer will be sent to ONE!