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 August 14, 2019
  08:20 AM
ebay is not charging Indiana sales tax on sales to Indiana residents, although I have the sales tax area filled out in my listings.

Reported By: gemjane
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Volvo351 Verified
August 16, 2019
  09:41 AM
Gee, that'll be great when revenue agents from the Hoosier State come calling, eh? You tried to do the right thing, or at least stay right with the tax law, and eBay leaves you hanging out to dry. Nice guys, eh?

smallstuff Verified
August 19, 2019
  00:48 AM
Indiana is a Marketplace state starting July 1.  This means that eBay collects the sales tax and sends it to the state.  You don't see the sales tax in your payments.  I think they did it right in this case, because otherwise they would collect twice