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 August 01, 2019
  18:00 PM
today 8/1 had 2 sales ebay shipping date false. I have 3 day handlg. 1 to NY PM arrive 8/3, 2nd arrive 8/7 lst clss to CA. Dont have 2 ship til 8/6 w/handling. Do I get dinged? Will buyers be upset? Ruining my business!

Reported By: DMT
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angryllama Verified
August 02, 2019
  05:28 AM
First: Double-Check that 3-day is still UR default. Second: Figure way to ship Following Day vs. 3-day. Third: Phone eBay CSR to verify dates. Fourth: RELAX, Messages like you saw from eBay are usually Mindless BOT messaging. Nothing to FRET.

DMT Verified
August 02, 2019
  10:26 AM
3 day is my default.  I don't ship following day because I am out of town 3-4 days a week.  Impossible.  Item sold just now, shipping item to myself gave me 7 days, to IN 4-6 days. I am fretting about buyers' expectations

CanBrit Verified
August 02, 2019
  12:17 PM
I add the handling time at the end of the item description and why I need five days. I can only ship one day a week due to health. If you put the info in the item information, trust me, you'll have no issues with the customers.