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 July 28, 2019
  21:27 PM
Auctiva is still having issues with the gallery images and for reporting any problems it still comes up as an error message.

Reported By: Bill
Are you experiencing this issue?
jag2549 Verified
July 29, 2019
  11:15 AM
Deleted images from listing at ebay site and reloaded them directly on ebay. Fixed problem. Happened 2 out of 3 listings this weekend.

Bill Verified
July 29, 2019
  14:00 PM
Yes we had to do that also but we normally have 25 listings starting every day and we had to go to eBay and reinsert the images. I generated a new token and that did not work. Help at Auctiva is not responding. This si wasting time and time is money.