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 July 20, 2019
  11:41 AM
When you add an item to your cart a mesage comes up stating there was a problem and the item hasn't been added to your cart.  When you check the cart, it has been added.

Reported By: leathermermaid8
Are you experiencing this issue?
thievesBay Verified
July 20, 2019
  20:27 PM
There's always some sort of problem or errors on a daily basis. The site isn't stable and hasn't been for a long time. Different customers in random locations at random times have issues. Then eBay CS would say everything's working fine on their end!

P.Dorf Verified
July 22, 2019
  00:36 AM
I think fleecebay will hope you add another item, and not notice on checkout, especially if you are buying many items from different sellers.

eastwestphoto Verified
July 24, 2019
  14:07 PM
tried to buy an eBay item, paypal said NO PO Boxes. I notified seller unable to buy item, because he had Po Box blocked? It was like talking to a brick! I gave up!