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 May 13, 2019
  01:10 AM
NJ cust made purchase, and was chg'd s/tax called cust serv, no help. dont really expect any further assistance tomm, when I call again... clueless

Reported By: its_me
Are you experiencing this issue?
Don Wagner Verified
May 13, 2019
  07:33 AM
I bought an item from Vietnam and paid Iowa Sate Sales Tax on it. Looks like the way of the future.

leathermermaid8 Verified
May 13, 2019
  07:37 AM
Same hear, I pointed out that not all items sold in or to my state are taxable.  These nickels and dimes add up..what will it take before anyone notices?

angryllama Verified
May 14, 2019
  01:19 AM
I am NOT defending eBay, PayPal, or Amazon charging such taxes, but from personal experience Louisiana OFFICIALLY has Sales/USE Tax. In PRACTICE USE tax is Very Rarely (practically never) Remitted by the SUPPOSEDLY TAXED LOUISIANA buyer.

Volvo351 Verified
May 19, 2019
  12:33 PM
Not calling you a liar; I'm just someone who is not "..experiencing this issue." Shipped to Garden State a week or so ago; no tax was mentioned on that sale.