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 March 26, 2019
  08:25 AM
Can not print shipping labels.  Neither through ebay or pay pal.  Get to last page click print labels and I just get a blank screen over and over. 

Reported By: rstpete
Are you experiencing this issue?
rstpete Verified
March 26, 2019
  09:01 AM
I was able to access the labels as pdfs and print them one at a time on my notebook.  Not sure if this is a online issue or PC or antivirus inflicted issue now.

The End Verified
March 26, 2019
  11:51 AM
Use STAMPS.COM Everybody KNOWS THIS ! JEEZ ! ! ! Nobody uses "venue dependent" labels anymore.

Flyingpig Verified
March 28, 2019
  11:54 AM
I have this problem occasionally. Ebay shipping works for a few packages and then I get error messages.

Silver Ice King Verified
March 29, 2019
  06:07 AM
I have used Stamps.com for about 3 years now due to issues with Ebays shipping labels and they actually offer Free Ebay Accounts to all Ebay sellers on Ebay.  This waives the $15.99 monthly fee and you still get all you really need for shipping.