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 February 12, 2019
  07:57 AM
So sad, as of last night everyone of my active listings now has an Ebay alert to update my Promoted Listings for more $$$. Ebay continues seek profits through higher seller fees vs new effective selling programs and finding buyers who have gravitated to other eCommerce platforms.

Reported By: GreenEye
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Silver Ice King Verified
February 12, 2019
  14:30 PM
Ebay has no idea how to attract new buyers as they are their backgrounds are not in retail or ecommerce.  They continue to sit up their floundering and wondering how to steal more money from the sellers so they can somehow keep their jobs rather than how to expand the business.  Unfortunately Elliott also supports the Promoted Listings program as well as the Managed Payments so now Wenig thinks that is how he will manage to keep his job and that is what they are going to focus on going forward.

rstpete Verified
February 12, 2019
  19:53 PM
A leach does not care if their victim is getting fed or look for new blood until they have bleed their current source to death.

AngelaTC Verified
February 12, 2019
  22:16 PM
Me too. I've never seen the links before now they all have it.  I will probably use it occasionally.

angryllama Verified
February 13, 2019
  04:17 AM
Think of those REMINDERS as eBay advertising for their latest SUICIDE BOOTH like where Fry and Bender met  Futurama. Falls right in same category as Free Shipping, HA! Free Returns, Double HA! and their latest Go Fund Me scheme to purchase an even better Espresso Machine for the Executive Level Floor out in San Jose.

Volvo351 Verified
February 16, 2019
  16:14 PM
Gee, why doesn't Devil Wingnut commissio a Y/T vid a la Gillette telling his "bad sellers" [I know; The Hoe said that] ie. his PAYING CUSTOMERS that they suffer from "toxic something-or-other"and they should all drop dead?