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 February 08, 2019
  10:56 AM
The links such as "Leave Feedback" and "View Order Details" have disappeared from the tops of completed item pages. This makes it very difficult to navigate and answer follow-up questions after the sale.

Reported By: That Guy
Are you experiencing this issue?
That Guy Verified
February 08, 2019
  12:13 PM
The links for: 'Leave Feedback', 'Print another shipping label', 'View order details', 'View PayPal transaction', 'Contact buyer', 'Unmark as shipped', and 'Unmark as payment received' are all missing. Two of my three eBay accounts are affected by this issue.

Volvo351 Verified
February 09, 2019
  10:02 AM
Just clicked on a listing view of one of my recently sold items. All that stuff is there. That doesn't make you a liar; maybe the Indians didn't test a chg w/ your browser - they're notorious for that.