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 February 01, 2019
  16:31 PM
I just tried to make a purchase that I make several times a year for shipping boxes from a company I buy from all the time, so when I checked out ebay's page tricked me into using my credit card instead of paypal so I went ahead and used my card but ebay's system told me something was wrong with my card or the info I entered so I re-entered the info 3 times and keep getting the same error so I gave up and paid with paypal. Then I was checking my bank account for something else and noticed ebay charged my card even though there system told me something was wrong with my card. So now I have paid for the item twice and when I called all they could tell me is that my bank account would be refunded in 3 days. They could not explain why my card would not work and why they took the money but did not complete the sale. I wonder if I had not called would the money be returned?

Reported By: pro-spin
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thehosst Verified
February 04, 2019
  04:05 AM
I still do not understand how everyone seems to blame some technical issue, this is VERY CLEARLY some trick Paypal or some (crooked Paypal staff) is been running since October. Is a random tech issue. It is happening now in many countries. This is when a user is unable to pay, so they can go to Amazon. The users are forced into signing up for an account and even if you use the account, it fails. It has been 3 MONTHS, about time they would fix it, it happens randomly per IP, so it hard to detect.