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 January 10, 2019
  17:51 PM
USPS Product Tracking Reporting (PTR) System Issue: PTR experienced a system issue which began today :45 PM ET. All PTR functionality was impacted which would include processing inbound data, providing outbound data, and servicing tracking requests on USPS.com. The system issue has been corrected. The teams are working to restore full functionality and process all backlogged data. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as work to restore full system functionality.

Reported By: Ina
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thehosst Verified
January 10, 2019
  21:45 PM
To compensate for the issues caused, they will increase the prices next week, amazing!

Silver Ice King Verified
January 10, 2019
  23:21 PM
Any bets that somehow Ebay will not consider anything that happens to shipping information due to this in calculating shipping defects or shipping metrics??

Volvo351 Verified
January 11, 2019
  11:44 AM
@thehosst So, we're gonna get hit with the annual postage increase within days?