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 January 07, 2019
  15:21 PM
STORE SHOWS - "0 results shown in all categories" since October 12th!

If I search my store name "thomaszr" my listings will show as items for sale.

If I click "visit store" or click on the blue door I always see "0 results shown in all categories"

Shows this way in Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera both signed in as me and not signed in...

Also shows this way on my laptop, phone, daughters & friends computers...

Customer service reps and supervisors say they can see items from their location.

Reported By: thomaszr
Are you experiencing this issue?
That Guy Verified
January 07, 2019
  17:42 PM
I can see 138 items you have listed.

Bill Verified
January 07, 2019
  23:50 PM
I can also see 138 items with FireFox.

angryllama Verified
January 08, 2019
  02:59 AM
138 items for me, too. Windows 10 / Chrome / Dell Laptop. I even put TWO of them as Place in Cart and Watch list so NO, it is not that your store is SECRETLY "on vacation". Then I searched MULAN on video toy tops and YOUR LISTING was the only listing returned using THAT search string. BTW to see YOUR 138 I used thomaszr AND clicked Search within TEXT to find you rather than Search for "seller name". 

FidoMaster Verified
January 09, 2019
  11:12 AM

Lightning Verified
January 09, 2019
  22:15 PM
Showing up fine for me, as a list or in the Store, 138 items.  Maybe they fixed it for you and took you out of ebay limbo.