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 January 02, 2019
  22:07 PM
eBay charged an extra $10,000 on my monthly invoice dated 12/31/18. Past 12 months all $400-500. No new listings or subscriptions or high sales. Reported to eBay. They say they cannot fix yet but "don't worry about the extra $10K in fees" and suggest someone hacked my account (to put cash in eBay's pocket? not likely). They say will have to wait and dispute erroneous charges before they attempt to take $10K from me on Jan 15. No help so far, no admission of any IT issues, plenty of excuses.

Reported By: k999
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sasikat9 Verified
January 03, 2019
  08:19 AM
Ebay needs to pad their income so this is a easy way.  Charges in December go on fourth quarter.  They might refund in January the first quarter.  Greedbay gets slimier every day.

Volvo351 Verified
January 03, 2019
  12:19 PM
Sounds as if Devil Wingnut's old lady cut off his allowance this week!

moonmyst Verified
January 03, 2019
  12:34 PM
Seriously, you're out ten grand and you're still selling on eBay? The fact that they lied about the hacking and don't sound in too much of a rush to help you SHOULD tell you to start your own website or go elsewhere. Heck, if they took only $100 from me, I'd be looking elsewhere to sell. If you're that big of a seller you'd almost need to have an attorney on retainer for times like these.

RL15 Verified
January 03, 2019
  13:07 PM
Prop up the 4th quarter. Good luck getting that error fixed.

LookBuyLove Verified
January 05, 2019
  02:47 AM
THIS IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW: eBay support is impotent. They are interface people and can't do anything to your account. They can ONLY forward an issue to their "back office".. that's a lottery, cases don't all get handled. If you want this fixed, you need to call REPEATEDLY.. and don't talk to low level drones, ALWAYS ask for a manager, then a supervisor. ALSO.. DISPUTE THE CHARGE ON PAYPAL! YOU WILL WIN AND GET A FULL REFUND. EBAY DOES NOT FIGHT PAYPAL CASES!

siamsuper Verified
January 06, 2019
  03:13 AM
Last time I checked it was not possible to open a Paypal dispute if the payment was to ebay.

k999 Verified
January 24, 2019
  01:11 AM
Prop up the 4th quarter seems about right, RL 15. I had actually thought of that. Last few days of the year, tack on what would amount to many millions of dollars in income/profit. Deal with the incorrect numbers after the stockholders' meeting is over (as there will be some crucifying going on as is). Or not.