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 December 06, 2018
  10:42 AM
In attempting to do a listing for Timeshare Rental, ebay wanted a Verification process to prove owner. I was directed to upload Deed, maintence fee Copy, rental agreement, etc. I searched for 2 hrs, found deed. Photo taken was cell phone was Rejected File size exceeds limits? What on a three year old cell phone? Deed rejected by CS it was old from 1996? What? Reservation copy rejected, "Not enough Proof? OMG what is happening to eBay? http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/travel.html

Reported By: eastwestphoto
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thriftyattireandstuff Verified
December 06, 2018
  21:44 PM
I'd be very concerned too.. I understand you dissatisfaction.. but  are there not other places to sell time-shares? Wrong platform to me.  I would never for example buy a concert ticket off of eBay.