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 November 02, 2018
  12:45 PM
New security popup's when paying for an item with PayPal. Security screen pops up during every part of the paypal payment process. At the end, the security number pops up, then when entering the number it goes to another screen to confirm the purchase, but flips back to the security number screen and ends up in a fatal loop. Have the screen prints.

Reported By: CanBrit
Are you experiencing this issue?
Volvo351 Verified
November 04, 2018
  08:56 AM
So, is it a feeBay problem or a PayPig problem? I'm sure Devil Wingnut and The Hoe are pointing fingers at each other on this one!

thehosst Verified
November 05, 2018
  04:20 AM
Is not Paypal, it is Amazon. Which company will suffer if sellers leave because they are unable to pay? The main company is eBay, the second round goes to a lot of sellers who use Paypal as checkout, meaning, thousands. If the buyer is not able to pay, where do you think they will go? Amazon most of the time of course. The FBI should investigate all these tricks used by an abusive monopoly to gain some of the stock price lost.

CanBrit Verified
November 06, 2018
  14:35 PM
I think it's Wingnut in his attempt to put people off using PayPal. Why not irritate then when they're trying to pay. He's just the type of jerk that would do it.