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 July 09, 2018
  20:18 PM
Inventory issues with Ebay.  Had an item that had zero inventory. Sold the last one on July 6th. Paid sales list reads 1 sold-zero remaining on July 6th. It sold again tonight with no inventory and the email from Ebay notifying me of the sale reads that I have three left. Actual inventory on Ebay still reads zero.

Reported By: Yless1
Are you experiencing this issue?
Momseller Verified
July 10, 2018
  18:34 PM
Had an item with one left sell in quantity, forces to cancel.  GTC listing.  All sold out colors had quantity again.  Other affected listings.

gemjane Verified
July 18, 2018
  00:57 AM
At least 2 of my items today have incorrect quantities--had to refund a buyer for something I did not have in inventory due to ebay's showing incorrect quantity.

okie1304 Verified
July 23, 2018
  04:32 AM
Shitfire...I have had this issue since time began :(  Inventory counts are rarely accurate, every day I adjust quantities.