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 June 04, 2018
  13:25 PM
My eBay is DOWN  Seller Hub is redirecting to Old Style eBay.  eBay phone estimates are at 51 minutes until you speak to someone that pretends to know nothing about the issue.

Reported By: meci
Are you experiencing this issue?
lessthanthreerecords Verified
June 04, 2018
  15:23 PM
Happening to me too! Among the problems: buyers' e-mail addresses are no longer displaying - I cannot search my active/sold/unsold listings - sold items are displayed for only 60 days rather than 90 - there is no way to filter/display only listings in the "adult" category (I spent 2 hours on the phone a week ago to figure out how to do this after items were restricted to "adult" without justification) - clicking "My eBay" defaults to the deleted items list.

thriftyattireandstuff Verified
June 04, 2018
  15:53 PM
Appears this is now fixed

June 05, 2018
  10:22 AM
No it is not fixed. As a matter of fact, it's now worse.. My landing page is completely gone. At 1st I was only getting "deleted" items & nothing more.. Now all I'm getting is a big blue box that says: "find something you love" "create a collection" "lets get started" blah blah blah I have 5 selling IDs & this was happening (deleted items) only on all of them, now only on 1 ID has it changed to the blue box touting "collections" Unlike you, wish I could get rid of the "seller hub" & go back