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 June 02, 2018
  09:48 AM
When you sell an item on eBay that is in the eBay catalog you can no longer see your listing page by clicking the link in the sold e-mail, My eBay page or sold items in seller hub you get this error "The selected item is no longer available" and the new best choice catalog page for the item you're searching for. You can do a closed item search and find your item and you will receive the same error and page., but if you click another seller's closed listing it will display their listing perfectly

Reported By: pro-spin
Are you experiencing this issue?
pro-spin Verified
June 02, 2018
  10:07 AM
The only work around I have found to see a sold item listing page is to find the sold listing in the seller hub then archive it. Then from the archive page you can see your listing just as it appeared on eBay when it was a live listing.

Linda Verified
June 02, 2018
  16:39 PM
Another devious move. This is so dumb using this for antique and collectibles. Stupid eBay.

thriftyone Verified
June 02, 2018
  18:47 PM
I bet this is to force paying for access to this information via Terapeak....they will probably say you asked we answered...here is a new tool for you to use for free for 30 days...after that payup...so like Ebay; give us something,take it away and let us have it back for a fee....

amazedndazed Verified
June 03, 2018
  08:03 AM
Once again this is really horrid. Not only can a STORE only not have OTHER ITEMS link shown. NOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Wagner Verified
June 04, 2018
  21:24 PM
Couldn't help noticing this colossal goof.