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 May 15, 2018
  13:42 PM
I guess as eBay goes, this is not a huge issue, but it's frustrating, nonetheless. For some time, when creating a listing, if you offer USPS media mail as a shipping option, eBay provides a "warning" before listing the item if it's in a category that it doesn't consider media even though it may still fall within USPS requirements (for example, "entertainment memorabilia" may be a book). Now, eBay is giving this same warning for listings where media mail is not even offered as an option!

Reported By: lessthanthreerecords
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angryllama Verified
May 15, 2018
  20:47 PM
Just a suggestion. Open up eBay and TEST FIRE listing a NEW DRAFT for one of your NON-media items.  NOT necessarily one you WANT to complete listing. Then dig around in what eBay is auto-filling and SEE if they have your non-media item mis-characterized in the wrong category. That or something LIKE THAT is the most likely reason for this oddity. Different problem for me is that 1 in 400 times eBay turns OFF my Export Shipping Specifications. TONIGHT it bizarrely did it to/for ONE listing.