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 May 12, 2018
  10:04 AM
Well... looks like Ebay's "famous" listing specials crapped out yet again..

Got another one yesterday for 100 free listings..

I still had my usual 50 we get every month, but I always save those for relisting ended listing at the end of the month..

I accepted the new one yesterday & proceeded to list some new stuff & low & behold, it took from my monthly 50..

So sick of this BS with listing special issues... Why even bother since it's been chronic relentless snafus..

Reported By: geministuff28
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DingDong Verified
May 12, 2018
  14:39 PM
I have the same promo, and almost did what you did. I had 16 items relisted and then checked the amount left. It still showed the 100 free listings. YOU have to click and see that you also have to "ACCEPT OFFERS". I was lucky I didn't use the last of my free 50. I try to use them for new items to be listed.