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 May 10, 2018
  02:27 AM
Last week I noticed a new block on the Performance tab which currently says "Active listings increased 58.5% Hey! We noticed that you have more active listings lately. Nice work!"  Last week it showed 115% increase even though we have not had any chance in the number of active listings. Have screenshot if interested. How is this possible?

Reported By: candsgadgets
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frustrated Verified
May 10, 2018
  07:28 AM
That is because you did (oops DIDN'T) opt into web interpret

angryllama Verified
May 10, 2018
  17:12 PM
Easy.  SMOKE and MIRRORS.  Frustrated above is likely MORE ON TARGET than my little Zinger, but Along the same lines as your report of ODD data... eBay showed that MY "impressions" DROPPED by 51 percent from April to May.  NOT VERY DANG LIKELY.  I Listed another 100 MORE than I sold thru that period and my eBay sales actually essentially zinged UP at least 80 percent over April Sales. These SLBD* Trolls at eBay are too incompetent to add 2 +2 and get 4. *Still Living Brain Donors.