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 May 07, 2018
  21:04 PM
"It looks like there's a problem with this listing. System temporarily unavailable, please try listing again." 

I try to make several listings again, and I get the same message.. then poof... I have a bunch of duplicate listings sitting in my store now... that I was told to try again... Wenig you're dirt.

Reported By: TrickyMick
Are you experiencing this issue?
Constantly Questioning Verified
May 08, 2018
  04:36 AM
I spent 77 minutes on the phone with two eBay representatives concerning this issue.. Problem not solved during this call, as usual.. Looks like items are also being added as drafts. I now have the same item listed twice in active listings, twice in drafts, and still in unsold listings. Problems in both single listing pages as well as the bulk tool. Also problems listing items through "Sell Similar" and "Relist".. Absolutely ridiculous...

gemjane Verified
May 10, 2018
  08:40 AM
It happened to me and then I got that letter from ebay saying they had taken down duplicate listings, and warning me not to make duplicate listings. And of course I was charged me for each duplicate listing that ebay had created and removed. I didn't bother to try to talk to ebay about it since their right hand does not know what their left hand is doing--less stress.

ThatGuy Verified
May 11, 2018
  01:15 AM
Another glitch, and another way to take my free listings.  Getting old...

Golddustwoman Verified
May 17, 2018
  00:18 AM
The new "draft" feature is really messing things up. Lots of duplicated listings not being caught as duplicates. So very frustrating and a  big time waster.