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 March 09, 2018
  11:25 AM
Clicked on link from gmail to my ebay account where I had a low offer on the item, followed the link to counteroffer. Problem was my ebay was open to a different account. Normally you have a warning that the link does not exist thus you realize you are in the wrong account. Anyway, I go to the offer link, it looked different, but I thought it was just ebay screwing with things again, turns out instead of countering someones offer, I was making my own offer to myself which was auto accepted!

Reported By: Barbbie
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Castoman Verified
March 09, 2018
  22:18 PM
Odd.  I had a time a few months ago where I clicked on a "complete this draft" ad at the bottom of one of my sold notification emails (btw, it wasn't a draft.....it was a live listing of mine that needed no adjustments).  Anyway...I clicked on it, and all of a sudden I was editing an item I've NEVER sold.....clearly someone else's inventory.  And they expect us to have faith they can handle our $ as a payment processor securely?!!?