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 February 13, 2018
  05:00 AM
Ebay is now hiding the Paypal option to pay for an auction when you win one or do a buy it now. I just purchased two BIN items, and the payment page shows an area where you are to fill in your credit card info. I wanted to use my PP balance.  Had to search for a couple of minutes until near the bottom of the page it shows "Other Payment Options" with a down arrow and I clicked it to find my PP method of payment.  This could impact my own auctions and listings when sold if the buyer cannot see it

Reported By: tristarbuds
Are you experiencing this issue?
FeelingFroggy Verified
February 13, 2018
  09:15 AM
Just paid for a few items and paypal was right in our face.

Vigilant Eye On eBay Verified
February 14, 2018
  21:03 PM
All of the available payment options appeared on the of the cart page for the last groups of items that I purchased.

Bill Verified
February 15, 2018
  23:13 PM
I see PayPal all over the place

The End Verified
February 15, 2018
  23:16 PM
GOOD ! My daughters' dusty old unused PayPal account just got hacked to the tune of over $500 ! SCREW PAYPAL ! Never EVER use PayPal.

angryllama Verified
February 16, 2018
  16:05 PM
@The End... Calm down and Have you daughter get ALL her account info in front of her and PHONE Customer Service at PayPal. They were PROMPT EFFICIENT and quickly Reversed all the charges and nearly $1,600 was back in my own PAYPAL account bout 18 months ago.  It was an ACCOUNT TAKE-OVER and I am SERIOUS that they did it ALL RIGHT for me AND Quickly. This could just as easily have been Bank of America, Wells-Fargo CitiBank or First National Bettendorf, Iowa.

lamplady Verified
February 17, 2018
  01:17 AM
Don't be too hasty on assuming it is eBay. I use Firefox and some of the boxes are hidden including the PayPal one, but if you hover around where it should be it pops up.

nofeebaypal Verified
February 20, 2018
  02:20 AM
ebay and paypal are splitting very soon. Yes this will seriously affect ebay sales, but you should be leaving that slime site anyway.  There are a bunch of chinese scammers on there and I reported Ebay to the FBI.  Scamming will shut th em down. I am visiting ebay in person very soon to confront them.