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 February 10, 2018
  15:28 PM
Why do I no longer receive the "Item Listing Ended: title-of-eBay-item-listing (Item Number)" nor the "Relisting partial-title is easy as ➊➋➌" emails FOR LISTINGS THAT HAVE A QUANTITY > 1 AND SOME QUANTITY ARE SOLD??

This is an indication for ANY and ALL item listings that I need to re-list an item that did not completely sell and "with a Quantity > 1 left to sell". 

I stopped receiving these notification emails a several days ago.  These emails were VERY VITAL, CRITICAL and useful.

Reported By: ecomm
Are you experiencing this issue?
That Guy Verified
February 11, 2018
  11:46 AM
I started receiving dozens of these emails lately and I DON'T want them.

Barbbie Verified
February 22, 2018
  09:57 AM
I want them