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 December 14, 2017
  06:41 AM
For the past month, my Promotions have not been working (sometimes). I offer 15% off if a buyer spends $99 or more. It is an automatic discount. I've had this Promotion running since the Spring, and all of a sudden I have buyers notifying me that they purchased the item and didn't get the discount. Called Ebay and they said there are no reported issues, and they ran a test and promotion worked. I bet I'm losing a lot of customers that see the discount doesn't work and abandons their cart! Ugh!

Reported By: lisapar
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December 26, 2017
  18:07 PM
I have set up a 20% discount on orders of 2 or more items (to compensate for including the cost of shipping in the listing price). It has been applied randomly for the past several months. I have noticed a drop in multi-item orders, too. No buyers have mentioned it to me, but I have issued partial refunds when I've noticed it not applied. I'm considering dropping the free shipping and the promotion since eBay is overcharging my buyers, which isn't good for business.