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 November 14, 2017
  13:13 PM
Buyer contacted us claiming that we ought to refund his payment. 

Since there was no order in eBay or payment record in PayPal, we requested the buyer to provide eBay details (item number, sales record number, purchase date) and PayPal transaction id. Buyer disappeared!

FOUR days later, an order showed up in our Hub -  from the same buyer! 

It was shipped out - 4 hours before USPS tracking shows DC, buyer's return is automatically approved by eBay. 

eBay CSR told us this was normal!  NUTS!

Reported By: etailer
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Marie Verified
November 17, 2017
  18:59 PM
While this is certainly NOT normal, don't you keep your own sales records too? Do you completely depend on Ebay's screens to tell you the financial info you need to run your little business?  If so, you may want to rethink that since glitches on Ebay happen as are regularly reported here and elsewhere. As to the auto return.  That is the new process as announced by Ebay in the Fall Seller Update.  It started in October.