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 November 06, 2017
  21:02 PM
Markdown manager is completely broken
the new manager simply will not make a sale
when I access the old manager through editing an old sale I can get a sale running but there is no functioning sort-- can not sort by items not already on sale or store catgory
then the page shows no active sales! I have no way of makeing a sale without individually clicking on each item and then no way to moniter sale
it also brings up error like 199 items will be ending before sale begins --- in a minute
its brok

Reported By: jdbok
Are you experiencing this issue?
moreintheattic Verified
November 09, 2017
  06:29 AM
The entire way they changed this system is frustrating as well.  I used to throw a sale on all 5000 pieces at once.  Now it will only do 500 and I have no idea which items are on sale.  The Bullies forever changing the rules of the playground every six months.  Some one needs to call the Principal!