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 February 01, 2017
  16:38 PM
When trying to re-list books on eBay that I have listed many times before I receive this message "It looks like there's a problem with this listing.
This product cannot be listed in this category." no mention of this on eBay's System Status page. I am listing books in the category: Books> Nonfiction. Called eBays customer service hours ago and was told that this is a known issue  that is being fixed? 

Reported By: pro-spin
Are you experiencing this issue?
Deacon Blues Verified
February 01, 2017
  17:37 PM
I had the same problem relisting a text book today. I tried a few category changes within books, but eventually had to move it to Business and Industrial ... Manuals 

RL15 Verified
February 01, 2017
  17:51 PM
same problem

Golddustwoman Verified
February 03, 2017
  00:22 AM
I've had this happen quite frequently. I get the feeling eBay doesn't want us to sell books :: frown ::

BestInTexas Verified
February 03, 2017
  01:35 AM
Scheduled several books and it only happened to me once on Thursday also. My work around was to uncheck the show details check box.

pebbles Verified
February 04, 2017
  02:53 AM
Exact same problem.