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 June 14, 2016
  18:06 PM
Paypal reporting item sold on ebay and it didn't. Got paypal payment confirmation email, but no sold from ebay. Checked item on ebay and it doesn
t show sold nor is it in the tab for items paid.. Figured it was a phishing email but it was from paypal. Checked my      paypal account, and their is a payment then a reversal the same minute??...  And now on facebook pages and blogs, tons of people have reported the very same thing.  What's going on paypal/ebay???????

Reported By: Frank F
Are you experiencing this issue?
rstpete Verified
June 15, 2016
  10:41 AM
Payments from yesterday not showing up in my account and most of the funds are "withheld". 

Scotty Verified
June 15, 2016
  12:55 PM
Exact same thing happened to me yesterday....showed purchase in Paypal, ebay item remained...Paypal pymt reversed instantaneously.  Problem was they took back too much.  I spent an hour on the phone with them figuring it out.  The difference was made up IN THE NEXT purchase which makes no sense and they agreed.  High level ticket was supposedly sent to developers as this is a scary situation.  I advise all with this issue to check balances to the penny.