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 January 26, 2015
  17:09 PM
Shipping labels is down. I can't print any USPS labels from ebay. I can use paypal shipping, but cannot print 1st class international labels from that.

Reported By: thebobman
Are you experiencing this issue?
madam adam Verified
January 26, 2015
  17:53 PM
Same thing with me. Only allowing Fedex. Ebay is aware of it.

jacobsenra Verified
January 26, 2015
  17:55 PM
What else is new?

rstpete Verified
January 26, 2015
  22:40 PM
Yesterday it charged me for two different labels for the same shipment on two orders.  Ebay and Pay Pal only show one tracking number on each but I have two labels for each and was charged for all of them.

The End Verified
January 28, 2015
  22:44 PM
Please explain to us WHY you're too lazy to make your own labels and would rather whine and moan about 3rd party failure at label making. I just don't get it. GET A PEN AND PIECE OF PAPER AND MAKE YOUR OWN LABELS ! ! ! !  for God's sake.....