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 May 06, 2014
  18:46 PM
Since about Thurs PM (5/1) all New and Relisted items are being affected.
All info in the "Item Specifics" section is not being found in search.
This bug happened last year about this time as well. Does anyone else notice this affecting them?

Reported By: ericw2k
Are you experiencing this issue?
May 07, 2014
  23:22 PM
I have had this problem for over a week ... keep getting notices from eBay to update my listing

rhawk Verified
May 08, 2014
  07:57 AM

jdbok Verified
May 08, 2014
  09:57 AM
my sales plumeted this week in clothing item specific searches don't bring my recent items up

meci Verified
May 09, 2014
  10:47 AM
The other problem with search is eBay took the ability to search titles and descriptions away from a eBay store owner unless you know your way around the different ways to search within a eBay Store. YOu can search titles and descriptions if you go to:  -View items for sale (to get here you have to access it from your feedback page) -Advanced Search By Seller You cannot search titles and descrptions if you go to: -View seller's Store -Visit eBay store -Viewing a listing with Store Search Box

expertbenefits Verified
May 12, 2014
  09:55 AM
Issue seems fixed today Monday. Sold & unsold items showed up rather the current May 9-10. Advanced search was not updating sold items.

Double-J Verified
May 12, 2014
  16:16 PM
"Item Specifics" box has returned for new listings although they are pre-filled with generic information. I will have to do each new listing over again. Now if I can only get eBay to accept uploaded tracking information. I found a work-around that changes the "Awaiting Shipment" items to "Paid and Shipped" where they should be. They admitted a problem on Sunday when I called and said it should have been fixed by now.