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 November 19, 2013
  10:28 AM
Please note this is the second day the Alibris bookselling site has inventories offline and seller hub out due to a 'server issue'. Had communication with them yesterday [17th] mid afternoon and they said it should be up in a half a hour. Selling there for 10 years nothing like this ever happened before. Real bad timing for this. hope there is not a ongoing permanent issue.

Reported By: retrolink
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booklover27 Verified
November 22, 2013
  08:38 AM
Horrible timing...at the peak of the season...

mindelec Verified
November 26, 2013
  02:06 AM
since amazon handles my amazon inventory i have not been able to do updates to that inventory, neither adds for new inventory or subtractions for inventory sold.  fortunately i can process my amazon orders on that site.  an outage of this length at this time of year is inexcusable.