Issue: FEEDBACK Score glitch is back and WORSE than before. Shows "1819" on Seller Overview page; correct score is 1825. That's scary 'cuz it appears as if SIX clowns have dinged FB!
By: Volvo351
Are you experiencing this issue?

Lightning Thumbs Down
March 13, 2023
  00:29 AM
It doesn't matter.  You are probably noting the difference because it is YOUR feedback, and can see the discrepancy.  The buyer will look at total number and % positive.  If both are healthy numbers, no problem.

Volvo351 Verified
March 13, 2023
  11:13 AM
"Lightning" is always a ray of sunshine, eh? If a problem doesn't affect him, then it doesn't exist.

GetAGrip Thumbs Down
March 13, 2023
  15:11 PM
Question..... Do you sell to make money or do you sell for the pat on the back?

Actual Seller Thumbs Down
March 24, 2023
  16:39 PM
so scared, much scared