Issue: USPS can reject mail with "stale" dates
By: spooky
Are you experiencing this issue?

Smallseller Verified
January 16, 2023
  12:36 PM
It is unfortunate that the OP did not specify anything further. How stale? 1 day, 1 week, 1 month?

GetAGrip Thumbs Down
January 16, 2023
  13:50 PM
Never had that problem.  I would think the post office has better things to do than look at a date.  IE  maybe weight things to see if that package actually weights 3 oz or 10 oz.

Volvo351 Thumbs Down
January 17, 2023
  11:20 AM
Good to know; I won't use outdated labels. Not that I ever do, so this isn't an issue for reasonable people.

fusgeyer Verified
January 19, 2023
  10:31 AM
This has been USPS policy for decades. In particular they are very fussy about Priority and Express mail dates. You have 48 hours for regular mail and 24 hours for Priority and Express mail to get your parcels to the Post Office.