Issue: I closed my store for a few days. Today I wanted to open it and remove the message, but the bookmark no longer worked. I finally did a google search to find out how to manage my store! Turns out is is now under hub/overview/selling tools, end of pg.
By: gemjane
Are you experiencing this issue?

COVID-19 Thumbs Down
July 02, 2022
  18:17 PM
Speaks volumes about just how bad eBay's website is when people have to use an external source such as Google to search within eBay.

Lightning Thumbs Down
July 02, 2022
  19:06 PM
It's been there for a long time, maybe 2 years.  Usually people never use that link, find it more conveniently on their store page.  If you used the Time Away link, shouldn't be a problem. You could  get to your own store from any Ended listing.

Marie Verified
July 05, 2022
  14:14 PM
The OP's statement is a bit confusing as it is two completely different functions, "closed my store" & put the store on vaca. If you use the Time away function, you can always find it again in your Site Preferences to update it.