Issue: HUGE amounts of misinformation being added by eBay to item specifics on listings with a UPC number. I honestly couldn't guess where they come up with such nonsense, but I know I will be the one to cover the cost of refunds when a dispute is opened!
By: lessthanthreerecords
Are you experiencing this issue?

Working It Verified
June 29, 2022
  11:39 AM
eBay has added info to some of my listings. So far none has been in error, but is not as complete as my own description. Disturbing, since the added information is above my description & due to short attention spans, buyers may not read my info.

Actual Seller Thumbs Up
June 30, 2022
  01:26 AM
Seen it.

Alexdgr8 Thumbs Up
July 11, 2022
  02:06 AM

Volvo351 Verified
July 13, 2022
  09:08 AM
Don't worry; be happy. The idiots who run the site are lots smarter than any of us who actually buy, stock, and sell the items, right?