Issue: Right scroll is missing on listings. This is happening with Chrome, & Microsoft Edge since at least 6:00 a.m. this morning. Several others have reported this problem.
By: Amazedstilldazed
Are you experiencing this issue?

DTSM Thumbs Up
May 13, 2022
  18:03 PM
Yes I noticed this too.  Very annoying for my customers.

Bill Thumbs Up
May 13, 2022
  22:44 PM
It is annoying to all customers. A creation of IT idiot programers.

Amberlin Thumbs Up
May 14, 2022
  05:21 AM
It's been going on since Thursday around 2pm EST. I re-installed Chrome, even did a re-boot to no avail. Will that place EVER be glitch free? What an f-in mess.