Issue: Was billed .30 each for 2 cancelled orders, called on 5/7 and was told I would be credited..."soon". One listing was relisted by eBay-I sold it months ago! As of 5/11 no credit.
By: Alexdgr8
Are you experiencing this issue?

Alexdgr8 Thumbs Up
May 16, 2022
  02:34 AM
...all things start small and like the frog that doesn't feel the water getting hotter the amount creeps up.The charge was on the 29th, a credit was promised by ebay on the 5th and on the credit adjustment. Now I'm checking all fees.

cellarebayer Thumbs Up
May 12, 2022
  19:08 PM
You have to stay on top of them. I had the same situation and when I contacted them again they said it was because the buyer didn't cancel. Which is true. I canceled because they relisted a sold item. They did credit back fees from another item

Lightning Thumbs Down
May 12, 2022
  21:25 PM
You took the time to call about 60 cents?  And now you are bird dogging when it gets credited?  Who has so much time as to be able to waste it in this fashion???

Bill Verified
May 13, 2022
  22:45 PM
Every time it happens it just adds more money to the creatons that run eBay.

Actual Seller Thumbs Up
May 20, 2022
  01:08 AM
They have yet to give me a 30 cent credit back for a canceled order.